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... to Aquatic Creations and a glimpse of how you can achieve a new lifestyle.  As a Certified Aquascape  Contractor, we install environmentally friendly water features, such as Koi ponds, garden ponds, pond less waterfalls and rain harvest systems.  These are just a few examples of how we help you create the lifestyle that you deserve.

Our business was founded on professional landscaping and has evolved to include environmentally safe and eco-friendly water features.  This addition has created a boost to the continued consciousness of going green by supporting and properly using our daily resources.  The installation of a low maintenance water feature and rain harvest system can change the way you spend your free time.  The simple flow of water cascading over a beautifully designed series of water falls will create a sound and feel of being near a mountain stream.  The beauty and serenity of a Koi or Goldfish pond waiting at the end of the waterfall cannot be equaled in calming you down after today's hustle and bustle of our fast paced lifestyles.

Aquatic Creations has installed hundreds of features in both commercial and residential locations.  The overwhelming response to adding a water feature in either location has been the same.  Our customers tell us that the simple sounds of water flowing helps them cope with the stresses of life.  Families spend time outside together;  children and pets play or cool off in the water.  Even couples have time to be together away from daily stress.  Water has always had a way of relieving stress.

Most people work their whole life and end up in a rut of doing the same thing everyday.  Donít you think that you deserve a better lifestyle for yourself?   We can help you with a water feature that suits you and your future.

As you look at the various features on our site and learn about the different types, remember that almost anything can be created.   Dreams really do come true!

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